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This Level in our on-line Quest Challenge will empower, educate and elevate you to Imagine the Life of Your Dreams.

In this online “journey to transformation” you will take action steps, create new beliefs and gain greater clarity to simplify your life. You will also have the opportunity to discover your genius and create a vision board for future success.

Also the My Quest platform keeps you engaged and on target. You will be able to post to a community of people who are taking this course. You can even get 1-on-1 online coaching if you purchase the one-on-one package.

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This 2020, Tammy Vallieres and Micheal Doyle invite you to begin a Powerful Transformation from Big Lie to Big Why in the comfort of your own home.

Journey with US to become the best YOU, you can be. Your mission 'should you accept this invitation' is to help CREATE HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH. Starting with yourself, family, community and world.


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